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Bread Ministry

Each week, Kroger donates day old bakery items. Casa Emanu-El provides the bakery items for various people in the community. Volunteers are needed to pick up the bakery items and deliver them to the church every Saturday.

Other Ministries & Community Involvement

Our church is also involved with other local community organizations such as the White Rock Center of Hope which caters to the needs of the local community. We also have an active Evangelism, Missions and  Outreach programs that have sponsored events such as deferred action, One Pot Meals, a dance recital and Health fair  through our church that cater to the local community. We also partner with other organizations such as Dallas Area Interfaith(DAI) and Ferguson Road Initiative.

White Rock Center Of Hope

Members of our church are regular supporters of The White Rock Center of Hope. We give food, clothing and money. Our Epiphany drive for Beans & Rice provided over 1400 lbs. It is staffed by volunteers. Each year thousands of clients from surrounding zip codes receive according to need on orders written after interviews. Included may be several changes of clothing, also payment on rent, utilities or gasoline. Volunteers are needed to give as little as two hours per week. If you are interested or for more info call Manager Ted Beechler at 214-324-8996.